• Live Hack with Wolfberry CEO Damon Rands
    • Tramshed Tech

    Join us at Tramshed Tech for a live hack with Damon Rands, the CEO of cyber security experts Wolfberry.

    What this event will cover

    According to the FBI, phishing was the most common type of cybercrime in 2020 with incidents nearly doubled in frequency, from almost 115k incidents in 2019, to over 241k incidents in 2020.

    What is phishing? Phishing is a technique used by cyber criminals to try and obtain sensitive information from an organisation, this could be usernames, passwords, financial information etc or access to the company networks.

    Due to the low cost, phishing attacks are usually sent via email campaign and contain malicious attachments or links for users to engage with. It only takes one click to give cyber criminals access to your systems.

    How can you protect your businesses from cybercrime? Wolfberry have recently been crowned “Most Innovative Cyber Security Company in the UK”, “Best International Cyber Security Consultancy Firm in the UK” and named as the highest placed cyber security organisation within the WalesTech50 awards.

    We've invited CEO Damon Rands and his team to perform a live hack, against a fictitious company, to demonstrate how publicly available information can be used to target specific users and services used by the business. This attack will demonstrate the risks of information disclosure, supply chain management and vetting, as well as good practice email security and filtering techniques.

    The attack will conclude with the organisation being breached using common real-world methods; resulting in sensitive information being made public, inaccessible or un-trustable. The team will then open up to questions where they can offer advice and expertise on how best to protect your business from this kind of cybercrime.

    *This is a hybrid event, available to stream via Tramshed Tech's Youtube channel or you can join us in-person at Tramshed Tech. If you're attending in-person, join us from 5.30pm for arrival drinks. The event will be streamed via Youtube from 6pm.


    5:30pm: Arrival and drinks

    6:00pm: Live Hack Demo with Damon Rands

    6:30pm: Q & A

    6:45pm: Pizza and networking

    7:30pm: End

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